Workplace Accidents

When You Get Injured at Work, Contact NJ Workplace Injury Lawyers Who Will Work Tirelessly to Make Sure You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Almost three million workplace injuries were reported by private industry employers in 2012 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means that just about three in every 100 full-time workers was injured, a recent survey revealed. Many of these injuries were severe enough to require time off of work and significant rehabilitation.

If you, or a loved one, are suffering following a workplace injury in Dover, Elmwood Park or Randolph, call the knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers at Sheffet & Dvorin. We represent clients all over Bergen, Middlesex and Passaic counties in NJ. We will discuss what happened, determine who is at fault and work diligently to mount a case that will secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

Can I Sue My Employer If I Get Hurt at Work?

No. If you get hurt at work in the State of New Jersey, you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. This will provide for your medical care (with no deductible or co-pay to you, the injured employee), lost wages and any resulting permanent injury. Workers Compensation is not a fault-based system. Therefore, even if you are mainly responsible for your own accident, if you were injured at work in the course of performing your duties, you are entitled to Workers Compensation benefits.

NJ employers are exempt from responsibility for injuries that occur as a result of workplace accidents. You may be able to hold a third party responsible for your injuries; speak to a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer at Sheffet & Dvorin about third party claims.

Common On-the-Job Situations That Cause Serious Personal Injury

Despite best efforts to make sure safety guidelines are in place in offices and on worksites throughout Bergen, Passaic and Middlesex counties, accidents do happen. Some of the most common types of incidents that cause personal injury include:

  • Repetitive Motion Injuries: The most common is carpal tunnel syndrome that impacts people who type all day or use a tool with a repetitive motion such as a hammer. These injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating.
  • Falling Objects: What goes up, must come down. When it falls off a shelf or a roof, for example, head injuries are common. The larger and heavier the falling debris, the worse the possible injury.
  • Falls from Heights: If your job involves being on a ladder, scaffolding or roof, your chances of falling and getting seriously hurt are, obviously, far more likely than someone with an office job. Still, a faulty handrail on a staircase at work can also lead to a dangerous fall.
  • Car/Truck Crashes: If you drive a vehicle for work and get into an accident, you run the risk of having serious, life-altering injuries.
  • Slip & Fall (Trip & Fall): Someone drops something, you don’t see it and you trip and fall. Slippery floors in the bathroom can be seriously dangerous, especially when there is no sign to warn of the situation.
  • Overexertion: If your job involves lifting, pulling, pushing, holding/carrying or other manual labor activities you can easily overexert yourself. Some pulled muscles, rotator cuff injuries and even worse can lay you up indefinitely.
  • “Walking Into” Accidents: Sounds odd, but when a person inadvertently walks into a wall, door, glass panel or even a table or chair, head, neck and spinal injuries, as well as cuts, bruises and worse can occur.

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Whether you work in an office in Clifton, a construction site in Rutherford or anywhere else in Northern New Jersey, workplace injuries can be serious and life-altering. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Workers’ Compensation will handle your medical treatment and replacement pay, but it’s critical to find out if someone other than your employer was responsible for your workplace injury.

The skilled personal injury lawyers at Sheffet & Dvorin will file third party claims on your behalf in an effort to get you maximum damages for your injuries. Call us today for a free consultation about your workplace injury case.