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Sheffet & Dvorin, PC has almost thirty (30) years of experience advising corporate clients regarding many employment related matters. This includes the application of federal and New Jersey employment laws and regulations, and regarding employee standards. Sheffet & Dvorin, PC has further counseled clients on and drafted employment contracts, and company policy and procedure manuals.

Sheffet & Dvorin, PC also defends corporate entities in employment litigation. We represent clients in hearings before the State of New Jersey’s Department of Labor regarding unemployment or other matters. We have assisted and also conducted in-house investigations in connection with an employer’s alleged violation of law and also into alleged employee wrongdoing.

We at Sheffet & Dvorin, PC also litigate employment law matters on behalf of both employers and employees. We have experience defending and prosecuting employment cases in both federal and state courts. We litigate cases for violations of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) including claims arising due to pregnancy, sexual harassment, disability, religion, pay inequity and retaliation for objecting to employer practices violating NJLAD. We litigate cases for violation of the New Jersey Equal Pay Act, the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA), for Wrongful Termination against Public Policy, and for violations of New Jersey’s Wage and Hour Laws including related to failing to pay overtime or meal and rest periods. We also litigate claims for violations of the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NFLA). We also litigate claims arising out of violations of federal law including claims arising out of the Civil Rights Act and Section 1983 and violations of the federal Whistleblower Act.

Laws exist to make sure that employees are not discriminated against on the basis of age, a disability, ethnicity, gender, race or religion. We at Sheffet & Dvorin, PC are proud to assist clients in enforcing those laws and securing fair treatment. If you or an employer whose employee filed a frivolous lawsuit, or if you are an individual who has been wrongfully terminated or been treated unfairly in violation of any of these laws we encourage you to seek out our legal counsel. Federal and New Jersey employment laws and regulations generally require the employer to pay the employee’s attorney fees and costs in cases where the employer acts illegally. Therefore, you may be able to retain legal counsel on a contingency basis and/or at no out of pocket cost to you until the litigation ends.

Contact Bergen County, Essex County, Morris County, Passaic County, Union County Employment Law Attorney for a Free Consultation

The employment law attorneys of Sheffet & Dvorin, PC will answer your questions and help you navigate the employment related laws of the United States and New Jersey. The firm offers a free consultation regarding all employment law matters. Contact us (/contact/) to learn more.