Workers’ Compensation

Were You Hurt on the Job?

If you were hurt while doing your job or because of the type of work you do, you have Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage to cover your medical treatment, wage loss and loss of function. Often, work-related injury leads to financial hardships and other unexpected problems.

In some cases, employers and their insurance companies do not provide proper benefits to injured workers. They wrongly deny or minimize benefits that workers are entitled by law to receive. If this is happening to you or to a loved one, seek help from an experienced Workers’ Comp attorney at Sheffet & Dvorin.

We Can Help You Get Proper Medical Treatment and Replacement Pay

At Sheffet & Dvorin, PC, our lawyers are willing and able to fight for the rights of workers in New Jersey. We make sure our clients are treated fairly by their employers and their employers’ insurance companies. Specifically, we help our clients obtain the proper medical treatment and wage benefits they and their families deserve.

Our firm can help you if you or a family member has experienced an occupational injury or workplace accident that caused a back, neck or shoulder problem, the loss of use of a body part, or another life-changing difficulty. We represent a wide variety of workers, including:

  • Nurses’ aides, CNAs and hospital workers who have been hurt when moving patients or by performing other duties
  • Construction workers
  • Public works employees such as New Jersey Transit workers and municipal employees
  • Truck drivers & delivery men
  • Warehouse workers and stock men who load and unload
  • Factory workers who operate machines
  • Custodians and janitorial workers
  • Landscaping, construction, electrical, plumbing and masonry workers
  • Police, sheriff and correction officers
  • The attorneys of Sheffet & Dvorin, PC, handle Workers’ Compensation cases from inception to completion. This includes:
  • filing motions for medical and temporary disability benefits
  • attending pretrial hearings and conferences
  • conducting trials
  • handling contested accident claims, denied occupational disease and repetitive motion injury claims
  • dealing with insurance coverage questions

Contact a Passaic County Workers’ Compensation Benefits Attorney for a Free Consultation

The Bergen, Middlesex and Morris counties Workers’ Compensation attorneys of Sheffet & Dvorin can answer your questions and help you obtain any benefits that you are entitled to receive. Contact us for a free consultation.