Mental Health is Covered By Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

November 8, 2014

Everyone has their stressful moments at work, but not everyone actually suffers because of it. Work is a naturally stressful aspect of everyone’s lives, but there is a possibility that work may actually cause mental illness in some people. It’s common knowledge that if a work environment is toxic enough, people who work for a company can develop anxiety, depression or even PTSD. For people who are stuck in a workplace that is that emotionally toxic to them, it’s not fair to assume that they should pay for the expenses that having emotional distress can cause.

New Jersey actually is one of the few states in the nation where it is possible to get Workers’ Compensation for mental illness caused by work. Just like with any other injury or illness that is related to work, a person who successfully files for Workers’ Compensation for mental illness will be able to get medical treatment and lost wages.

However, unlike other workplace injuries, mental illness is a lot harder to link to a workplace than you’d think. In order for you to be able to get Workers’ Compensation for depression or mental health illness, you will have to show the injuries were caused by work. Getting proof of this is extremely difficult and may require the help of both mental health professionals as well as witnesses who may have seen events that could be considered traumatizing. Putting together a claim for this kind of on-the-job injury isn’t easy and many people are denied their claims due to their inability to fully understand what is required of a claim in order for it to be successful.

If you want to file for Workers’ Comp based on mental illness, or if you have already been denied and want to file an appeal, speak to a highly experienced lawyer with a strong grasp on New Jersey Workers’ Comp laws. Contact Sheffet and Dvorin for a free consultation about your case.