When Might a Medical Condition Turn Into a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

January 19, 2015

Many product recalls and class action lawsuits against companies are brought by people who have either used products, worked for the company that made the products, or lived near the company’s headquarters.

Generally speaking, these types of lawsuits have one thing in common; they bring together a number of people who got sick or experienced medical problems due to a faulty product or negligent action. At the same time, many of these types of lawsuits are filed against companies who may very well be aware of the damage they are causing but opt for profits over people.

Some diseases and conditions tied to unethical company behaviors include mesothelioma, brain cancer, birth defects as well as strokes. While many of the illnesses you’ll find tied to class action lawsuits may be rare, some are actually very common. For example, if you had a vaginal mesh implant to help manage incontinence, you may very well have been suffering from faulty medical devices. Countless others are facing the same issues. However, if you don’t speak up, you would never know you are not alone.

Therefore, if you are suffering from pain, illness or any other condition you think is out of the ordinary following your decision to have surgery, take new medication or participate in a new activity (such as a new job), you owe it to yourself to start asking questions. In fact, your life may depend on it.

  • You live near a factory that processes chemicals or releases chemicals into your town’s environment.
  • The illness that you were diagnosed with is rare and has been known to be caused by certain products, work environments, or medications.
  • You’re pretty sure that you can show a direct link between something that you were exposed to and your illness.
  • The illness that you were diagnosed with doesn’t run in your family and doctors are confused by how you got sick.
  • A product you regularly used was recalled.
  • There are already class action lawsuits being established linked to your illness.

Of course, every person’s case is different. While you might have a rare disease, it’s impossible to tell whether it is a case for legal action unless it’s been reviewed by a lawyer who is experienced in the field of personal injury.

If you or a loved one recently had to undergo treatment for a condition that you believe is linked to a company’s unethical behavior or a faulty product, you may have a case. Contact the experienced and skilled personal injury lawyers at the offices of Sheffet and Dvorin for a consultation about your case.