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You can’t drive two blocks without seeing multiple drug stores competing for your business. Same goes with supermarkets, restaurants and other companies who rely on your hard-earned dollar to succeed. In addition to providing good customer service and quality products, merchants have a legal responsibility to keep you safe when you are on their property. Failure to do so can lead to serious personal injuries that can cause lifelong pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love slipped on ice that wasn’t cleared, got cut on a shopping cart handle, had merchandise topple off a store shelf or any other similar circumstance, you should call the knowledgeable premises liability attorneys at Sheffet & Dvorin. We believe you have a right to be safe when you leave your home. When a property owner’s negligence causes you to be injured, we will fight to get you compensated financially for medical bills and more.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the legal name given to guidelines that hold property owners responsible for taking care of their buildings, parking lots and land so visitors don’t get injured. This means spills must be cleared immediately from supermarket aisles. Parking lots must be well-lit to avoid falls. Equipment, such as escalators, elevators, turnstiles, railings, staircases, must be in good working order. Merchandising and profits cannot be put before the safety of patrons.

At Sheffet & Dvorin, we’ve represented many good people, like you, who were minding their own business and were injured because of someone else’s failure to keep their property safe. When premises liability accidents happen, people are forced to deal with crippling head, neck and spinal injuries, broken bones, amputated limbs and more. In the worst case scenarios, a property owner’s carelessness can lead to wrongful death.

So Many Places, Even More Types of Potential Accidents

There are many different types of dangerous situations that can happen in a public place because of a property owner’s negligence. These include:

Slip & Falls: Icy sidewalks, slick tiles in an entranceway, spilled liquids in a Hackensack supermarket can all lead to significant injuries.

Trip & Falls: Similar to a slip & fall, the end result of a trip and fall can be the same time of head, neck or back injury. Broken or fractured bones are common, too. A trip and fall can occur when displays topple over in an aisle of a store becoming a tripping hazard. Also, many people trip and fall in poorly lit stairwells and parking lots in NJ.

Poor Lighting: Many people often choose to park their cars near street lamps because they promote safety at night. It’s easier to find your car and much less likely a criminal may be standing in bright light waiting to attack. However, if a property owner fails to provide adequately lighting where it’s needed – parking lots and garages, entryways, stairwells, etc. – patrons can easily get injured.

General Property Maintenance: Failure to keep a property well-maintained in Rutherford, everything from shoveling snow to filling potholes to replacing old light bulbs, can be accidents waiting to happen. In these cases, we can make a premises liability claim for damages.

Inadequate Security: Closely akin to poor lighting, inadequate security in a public place invites nefarious behavior. A dark parking garage in Passaic, coupled with no security guard in site, for example, may invite criminal behavior such as a mugging or carjacking.

Falling Objects: Items that fall off shelves, for example, can become dangerous projectiles or tripping hazards.

Equipment Defects: If a handrail, an escalator, an elevator or other routinely used piece of equipment in a public place breaks and causes an accident, the injuries you can receive can be devastating. There are many, many instances where defective escalators, for example, cause limb amputation. Or, a faulty railing can cause someone to fail down a flight of stairs. In these cases, the manufacturer of the equipment, as well as the property owner, may be held responsible.

Talk to the Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers at Sheffet & Dvorin for Free about Your Premises Liability Case

If you had a legal right to be on someone else’s property – a store, a school, a hospital or any other public establishment in Middlesex County– and you were injured because the property owner failed to do his or her duty to keep visitors safe, you may have a premises liability claim.

Call our offices today for a free consultation about your case. We will discuss the specifics, advise you about your options and, if you choose to proceed, we will fight to get you the maximum compensation allowed by law for your injuries.

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